August 30, 2022

By Lachie Hewitt , Claire Birchall and Andrea (Yaya) Franceschi

The idea for the book “Everybody Loves Avocado” came about one day upon seeing a news story on the avocado industry and how it’s popularity has impacted the areas in Mexico where they’re grown. Jess and I have seen the popularity in the cafe of the classic avocado toast and it got us thinking that it’s really important not only for adults to get this message, but kids too. The food on our plate comes from near and far and the impact of that is not always considered; although it may not be close to home, it’s no less important. We have a choice as consumers to decide what goes on our plate, and how often we consume it, and looking more into where your food comes from and the impact it has on the local environment is key to making informed decisions, and in some instances finding more sustainable alternatives or keeping it as an occasional “treat” rather than a mainstay in your diet. Kids need to learn about these things and the importance of looking after the planet and the huge role that food production plays in this. The current model of mass, mono-crop farming and tons of chemicals, processing and packaging has taken a devastating toll on our health and the planet as a whole. If everyone takes steps to make positive changes in their choices and teach their children along the way so that they grow up understanding important issues like this, that can make a real a difference.