August 30, 2022

I think coming to an island it would be crazy not to appreciate the amazing natural beauty of it – the blue ocean waters, golden sands and palms. Jess and I have always been drawn to be near the ocean. We have lived and traveled in different parts of the world but always love coming back to the comfort and simplicity of the sea and sand. What better way to celebrate this by taking some pals down to the beach for a picnic! Pack up a basket and cooler and spend time celebrating friends and family, keeping it close to nature and strengthening the bonds that really matter. Jessie loves picnics and we really should do them more often come to think of it. Keep it simple and prepare food and drink that is easy to assemble and not too fiddly. Kombucha is a great healthy alternative to regular fizzy drinks or even champagne and Jess has been brewing it since before we opened the store, favouring loose leaf white teas paired with fruity rooibos ones for both the health benefits and lighter flavour which goes with just about anything, so if you can find room next to the beers in the cooler, go for it! Wraps are a great idea and Jessie makes them in advance, wraps them in paper and cuts in half when we serve as an easy quick way to get people munching down! We went a bit above and beyond on this day and celebrated the afternoon with one of Jessie’s vegan nice cream cakes and really it was heaven in a heavenly setting! Most important things is keep it simple and get out there and connect with nature and the people you love!