August 30, 2022

The journey to get Jessie’s to where it is today has been a process of evolution, and we continue to grow and be inspired by our experiences, and the store is a reflection of that. Jess and I now call Cayman home and have been here for close to 15 years, but are from New Zealand and Australia and both countries have a strong cafe culture. We wanted the store to be about celebrating food, arts, music, tea, coffee and of course, our new home in the Caribbean! The banana palms wall art was done by an amazing, visiting mural artist who we met by chance over her tea breaks in the store while she was painting a mural in Camana Bay for Kaaboo. We brought ceramic coffee cups over from both New Zealand and Australia, who in our opinion have the best cups for espresso in the world and we couldn’t find what we were after in the US. Our uniforms are from Melbourne Australia and another great company focused on quality and style for hospitality and working attire. The beautiful yellow espresso machine was hand made in Florence, Italy and honestly one of the best machines I have ever worked on. The coffee is roasted by our friends at Panther Coffee who use a vintage roaster from World War 2 era. The loose leaf teas are originally from an incredible tea blender in Tampa, the company has changed hands a couple of times since but continue to provide us with quality teas from all around the world, and we plan to add our own homegrown, local blends in the coming months. Our music is a combination of Jess and I and we love putting the playlists together with the kids and from the feedback over the years it seems many of you enjoy it too. Obviously tastes change and people like different things and we have always been open to suggestions and feedback and will continue to tweak things in response to this here and there but the essence remains the same with a focus on an inviting atmosphere with friendly service and quality ingredients, and we hope you love it as much as we do.